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  • Posardi Sardinian Whole Tomatoes - Canned
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Posardi Sardinian Whole Peeled Tomatoes - Canned (Pomodori Sardi)

28 oz can - Sardinia, Italy

The Sweetness of Sardinia
100% Pomodoro of Sardinia!

We love these. The tomatoes are whole and nestled beautifully inside the can. The taste is pure tomato, the way a canned tomato should be, with no added elements, allowing you to be in control of how they're flavored.

For almost 20 years, we have had one favorite canned tomato from Italy.

So when this can of tomatoes came into our lives one day, I was a bit stubborn and hard-pressed to find a reason we should change.

And then I used them in my basic tomato sauce and knew they would become my new favorite. The Posardi Sardinian whole peeled tomatoes are consistently sweeter tomatoes, with a richer, fuller color, and nice soft ends. These whole canned tomatoes work just as they should, adding to a dish without being too strong. Perfect.

They have just three ingredients: tomatoes, tomato juice (juice from processing), and citric acid. No salt added, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, BPA-Free, Pesticide-Free. 100% Pomodori Sardi Tomatoes from Sardinia. Like all great ingredients, there is a difference from one brand to the next!

These are truly exceptional tomatoes.

Ingredients: Tomatoes, Tomato Juice, Citric Acid

100% pesticide and PBA free.


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Move over, San Marzano DOPs, there’s a new pomodoro in town
I make a lot of tomato sauces and tomato-onion jams. I’ve always loved San Marzano DOP tomatoes for their sweetness, flavor and high flesh-to-seed ratio. Unfortunately, the demand for those tomatoes outstrips the production and the market is flooded with “San Marzano style” tomatoes or, worse, counterfeit DOPs. Enter the Sardinian tomato. These are genetically related to the San Marzano, if not identical. The soil in Sardinia is volcanic, similar to the San Marzano region, and is hydrated with winter rains and melting snow from the many mountains on the island. The result is incredible. These tomatoes are sweet, but with a complex flavor profile that needs only a dash of salt, olive oil, and garlic before going through the blender to make a perfect quick sauce. Simmer over low heat for an hour and the flavors grow even more complex, and the tomatoes will fall apart with a nudge from a wooden spoon. I’m in love with these tomatoes - do yourself a favor and grab some while you can!
by Jimmy
The Best!
I also used to use San Marzano tomatoes for my sauces. Not any more! These are sweet, flavorful, and absolutely melt into a beautiful sauce.
by Erin Sabath
These are probably the best canned tomatoes I have ever tasted. I made a "home made" tomato soup and it was delicious.
by Deral McKeel
2 words
WOW Ok only one word but these tomato on a whole other levels absolutely worth the cost.
by Don Campbell