Holidays Novello and Favorites


The last time we had this just-harvested and pressed olive oil, it was unbelievably good! 

To the nose this year’s oil is a good whiff!!! It seems like forever since I have had a nose hair tingling smell like this one. The aroma is a memory evoking explosion that happens in the cells of my brain! 

The first whiff is so good, one feels compelled to smell and smell again; because the aroma (in the mind) dissipates once you taste it, because all the other parts of your taste sensors will soon be bathed in the freshness of freshly-pressed olives… 

The clear bottle shows you the oil in all it’s glory. It is like your oil is wearing clear clothes. The cloudy gorgeous greens are simply glamorous. Tiburtini always looks good! 

Suck in a tablespoon of this green olive oil, and the taste sensation is a wonderful light, cloudy feeling, slightly buttery, but more Italian olivey than French buttery. 

There is a slight bitter tone on the edge of your tongue, more like a taste of bitter, not the stab of a pitchfork like so many oils can sometimes do this time of year. 

And then there is the involuntary cough that emits from your throat as the burn starts small and slow and then builds to a giant ball, an angry cloud, filling the back of your throat. 

After you survive the bite and the cough(ing) there is this wonderful pleasant, rich, quite perfect, olive flavor, which by the way, is not always true with new oils. 

Tiburtini Olio Novello is wonderful. And this year it is pretty gosh darn special. The smooth cloudy mouthful is just right and you will not be disappointed with the back of the throat kick. 

The olive flavor is not bitter, more sweet, at least in a new oil way. This Novello oil is what you dream you want olive oil to be, just better. 

Novello and Nuovo means new or fresh or young or tender. It is an oil that is freshly pressed and bottled before all the particulates fall out of the liquid. It makes for a bright, more-than-alive olive oil that has a short life. 

It is best to use this oil right away! (All the extra particulates will turn to yucky.) Use liberally and pour gobs to relish, and to smother your best friend, your taste buds! 

Think of a simple pasta, like Mori, cooked just right, with a nice flake crunchy salt, like Fossil River, and that is all you need, really! You could sprinkle a few capers or Parmigiano-Reggiano on top for a little more bite. 

Or do as we do, slice a nice open-celled Italian bread, drench in Tiburtini Olio Novello on a plate with a liberal sprinkle of flake salt. Don’t worry, all the extra oil on the plate you can dip and soak up with your next piece of bread. 

Tiburtini Olio Novello is the only new oil we are expecting from the 2021 harvest. California does not have enough (olives) and Italy is too concerned with shipping to send the oil. 

Extremely limited supply. Max 2 bottles per customer.