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Pasta with Garlic and Olive Oil Recipe

So simple and, oh, so good!  The key, as with all simple Italian recipes, is having the right ingredients -- the right olive oil, the right garlic, and the right pasta!

1 pound Sapori di Napoli Linguini Long Pasta
3/4 cup Olio Verde Olive Oil - or some other true and truly flavorful olive oil
4 cloves Hard Neck Garlic - Idally a Purple Stripe or a Rocambole
1 tsp Noirmoutier Fleur de Sel Sea Salt
freshly ground Tellicherry Peppercorns
1/4 cup flat-leafed parsly - finely chopped

1. Cook pasta according to package recommendations. Cook al dente. Drain.

2. Heat olive oil in a skillet over low heat. Add garlic and cook until garlic begins to brown -- but turn off heat before garlic actually browns. Add salt, pepper and parsley and stir well. Toss with cooked pasta.

serves 4-6