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  • Yuzu no Megumi Syrup


Kishidi Yuzu no Megumi Syrup

500 ml bottle - Japan

Sometimes, when you see something, you know right away that it's going to be good. And that is the case for Yuzu no Megumi.

The frosted glass bottle makes you want to hold it in your hand and rub the surface because it feels so good.

This delightful sweetened liquid syrup is made with yuzu juice, citrus natsudaidai juice, granulated sugar, honey, and millet jelly.

Pop the top and take a very deep whiff. It is this enticing combination of citruses that creates a vapor that is super twisty. It is not easily describable yet very desirable.

When you cautiously take your first sip, you’ll experience a silky smooth, sweet, gentle liquid with a hint of tartness. Then you’ll have to taste it again to be sure that it’s not too tart, which it isn't. You take a big swig, swirl it around, and realize this yuzu juice is super fun. There are three tasting moments: First, the sweetness of citrus; then the tartness, and finally, some lip-smacking, tongue-smacking joy.

At first, you think about just sipping it straight up or over ice. It's that good. After the third sip, you start thinking it's like an after-dinner drink. And then, the ideas start flowing!

Mixed drinks, drinks of all kinds, any that would benefit from aromatic citrus with a little sweetness.

You could also add a splash to vinaigrettes and other dressings or to sauces to finish a dish. The possibilities are endless. You will be so happy with this yuzu treat that is so gosh darn delicious!


ingredients: yuzu juice, citrus natsudaidai juice, granulated sugar, honey, millet jelly