Make Koji Flank Steak #1218


If anything can turn straw into gold, it would be Koji. I suspect that those who say Koji is not magic don't believe in magic, even when they see it right before their very eyes. For some things in life, explanations are only there to take away the fear from that which cannot be explained.

Koji was crafted 9000 years ago, most likely under another name, in an earthen jar in China, and it has been a staple of food alchemy ever since. Just not so much here, at least not until recently.

To many, it is the newest food rage. In fact, it is not a food but a tool that harbors amazing little workers who can transform and change how and what we eat in ways that would never seem possible.

There is a lot of science in Koji. Papers have been written about the subject. Some are "dry," long-winded, and some are so crusty they seem fermented themselves.

If you are interested in it, read the book "Koji Alchemy" by Rich Shih and Jeremy Umansky from your local bookshop. It is quite a spectacular read. If you want recipes for Koji, this "cookbook" is the place to get them and understand "it," too.

This domesticated mold was originally derived from a toxic mold, and before people start writing us, it is not toxic now. This mold has a long history of making amazing food and alcohol.

Koji is a million spores, a thousand knives, cutting up the cells of proteins to make a better eating experience.

Perhaps the best thing about Koji is that it inspires you to explore in the kitchen. Throw out preconceptions; what you thought was true is by the wayside, and spread the love of Koji on your meat, your veggies, your meals so that life is renewed, optimistic, and a place where change can make things taste good at the same time as being the same.

Think of it as mold that is your friend and not your enemy. Once you get to know it, you will find it can make your life better. And once you get used to it all, pretty much it will seem normal, like a friend that you always wished you had. Yes, it is different, but that is okay.

It is that difference that we all enjoy when it comes to enlightening our palates. It truly is a great way to expand our lives and make our tongues happy! Transform the mundane into the insane.