• Koji Flank Steak Marinade Recipe

Koji Flank Steak Marinade Recipe


For the meat:

Dry rice Koji - loosely 1/10th of the weight of protein - 500 grams protein = 50 grams of koji
or 100 grams for a 

2 pound Flank steak - or meat of your choice

For the marinade:

1/2 cup shoyu
1/2 cup ketjap manis 
1/4 cup yuzu syrup
2 inches of ginger siiced
1/4 cup muscovado sugar
2 tablespoons tomato paste
2 tablespoons rice vinegar



Koji Flank Steak Marinade Recipe

1. Grind up the koji rice in a blender until almost a powder / small sandy texture. Or you can use a coffee blender, though it will take some time.

2. Place your meat in a zip lock bag and pour the koji into the bag. Massage the koji into the meat thoroughly. Be patient, this can take some time.

3. When you are done, leave the meat in the ziplock bag and store in the refrigerator for 24 to 36 hours.

4. Make the marinade now so that the flavors will have a chance to meld.

5. Combine all the ingredients in a bowl or jar  and shake or whisk enthusiastically.  

6. Store in the refrigerator until it is time to marinate your meat

7. Remove the meat from the bag shaking off as much of the koji as you can. 

8. Scrape the koji off as best you can and then wash with water.

9. With an empty zip lock bag put the meat and marinade in and massage the marinade into the nooks and crannys. 

10. Marinate aiming for just 2 hours. More than 5 hours and the meat will develop a grainy texture.

11. Cook with high heat.  Short and quick is best for this cut. Broil, skillet or grill is ideal. 

Pull the meat off the heat sooner than your instincts tells you to.