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  • India Tree Dark Muscovado Sugar - 2.8-lb Tub


India Tree Dark Muscovado Sugar - 2.8-lb Tub - Mauritius

This sugar is at the top of my list to always have on hand. Use it once and you will see that this is how you want sugar to be. It has flavor, it has personality, it is alive!

Currently I have 8 different sugars on my counter (more liquid sweeteners stored in the essential pantry) to test and try in different applications. And dark muscovado is the standard by which I compare all others. Compare? Each sugar has a reason to exist, but can it reach the level of devotion we have and have seen for this Dark Muscovado. Remember not all Dark Muscovado is the same.

Muscovado is a soft, moist, fine brown sugar. It's also known as Barbados sugar, where it was once made. But ours comes from the island of Mauritius off the African coast.

While most brown sugar these days is made by combining already-refined sugar with added molasses-like syrup, this is the real thing. This is a less refined product with rich, complex flavor.

This sugar adds a deeper dimension to cakes, fudge, pecan pie, and other desserts with its rich butterscotch flavors. Use it as you would brown sugar - take your morning oatmeal to new heights with a spoonful of Dark Muscovado on top!



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Perfect for Cooking!
This sugar adds a delicious flavor to baked goods as well as sauces. I have found my 'new' brown sugar!
by Jameelah Iman
Special dark brown sugar
A friend recently gave me a container to try, and I’m hooked. This dark brown sugar will ‘elevate’ the flavor of your baked goods. I enjoyed it so much that I immediately purchased more.
by Leslie
Indian Tree Dark Muscovado Sugar
The sugar has a very nice taste of molasse. I am very pleased with the purchase of the sugar
Natural Sugar
I think this is the best natural sugar available anywhere. When a recipe calls for Light or Dark Brown Sugar, I use this dark. It makes everything taste better.
by Bobby
Complex and delicious sugar!
I’ve been using this sugar since 2012 and have not purchased any other dark sugar since. I use it often in recipes that include dark chocolate, and it’s also a component in a salted caramel sauce that I make. I’ve used it for barbecue sauce and marinades also. Regular supermarket brown sugar just does not compare. The flavor in this dark muscovado sugar is very complex. Regular brown sugar (dark & light) found in every grocery store is “one note” in my opinion. This sugar is excellent and I try to keep a good supply on hand at all times.
by Tanya