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  • Karuna Chocolate Organic Belize 70-Percent Dark Bar


Karuna Chocolate Organic Belize 70% Dark Bar

50 gram bar - Trentino/South Tyrol, Italy

International Chocolate Awards 2019: World Bronze Award         
International Chocolate Awards 2019: European Bronze Award
Academy of Chocolate Awards 2019 : Bronze Award

The cacao beans used for this bar are from the Toledo District of Southern Belize.  The are organically farmed by Mopan Maya farmers close to the village of San Jose.  In the Mopan Maya culture, cacao plays a significant religious role; the cacao tree and beans are throught to contain spirits.  Many religious ceremonies involve the consumption of cacao.  The beans from these farmers are collected and processes by the german-based company, Belyzium.

Ella's Tasting Notes: The complex bar opens with a whisper of orange blossom honey but is quickly joined by notes of earthy coffee.  The earthy coffee transitions to an undertone as a medley of fruit flavors appear, from a hint of red plum to tart orange and lime, that are joined by honey tangerine.  Towards the end, blackberry balsamic dances accross the tongue.  The finish is of blackberry balsamic, dark sugars and rich cocoa. 

ingredients: Cocoa beans*, Raw cane sugar*, Cocoa butter*

*certified organic

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