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  • Karuna Chocolate Raspberry Organic White Cocoa Butter Bar


Karuna Chocolate Raspberry Organic White Cocoa Butter (Vegan) Bar

50 gram bar - Trentino - South Tyrol, Italy

International Chocolate Awards 2020/21: World Silver 
International Chocolate Awards 2020: European Bronze
Academy of Chocolate Awards 2019: Bronze Award

Karuna's philisophy is to support local communities, animal welfare, and the well-bring of the planet.  It is their philosophy that guided the development of their plant-based "white" chocolate bars. The base for these organic vegan fruit bars is cocoa butter, de-oiled almond flour, raw sugar and freeze-dried fruits.  The almond flour creates a creamy, rich, "white" chocolate base for the fruit flavors.

This bar is a beautiful dark pink color.  The aroma is of intense raspberries with a whisper of nuttiness. Using organic, whole freeze-dried raspberries creates a real life raspberry experience.  

Ella's Tasting Notes: The first notes are burtsing with acidity followed by the flavor of fresh garden raspberries, down to the crunch of seeds. It starts with intense raspberry flavor. The acidity immediately dances accross the palette. The berry note develops rapidly revealing pure raspberry. The lively raspberry flavor is joined by a nutty undertone of lightly toasted almonds.  A creamy houthful develops coating the mouth with almond cream, adding an overall richness to the flavor experience. As the bar continues to melt, flavors shift between raspberry sorbet and a fresh raspberry tart with an almond crust.  

ingredients: Cocoa butter*, De-oiled almond flour*, Raw cane sugar*, Freeze dried raspberries (11%)*

*certified organic