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  • Karuna Chocolate Organic Tanzania Dark 70-Percent Bar


Karuna Chocolate Organic Tanzania Dark 70% Bar

50 gram bar - Trentin - South Tyrol, Italy

International Chocolate Awards 2019: Chocolate Taster Gold Award   
International Chocolate Awards 2019: European Bronze Award
Academy of Chocolate Awards 2019 : Bronze Award

This 70% award-winning bar is made with organic beans from kokoa Kamili in the Kilombero Valley of Central Tanzania.

Ella's Tasting Notes: The bar melts quickly opening with fleeting notes of sweet grapes. As the melt progresses, pleasant woody notes present, along with a tart fruit medley of sweet lemon, lime, hints of tangelo and tart apple.  rich brownie notes arise that are quickly joined by flavors of tart cherry and huckleberries.  As the bar finishes, the cherry flavor transitions to a cerry balsamic vinegar which lingers on the tongue long after the chocolate if gone. 

ingredients: Cocoa beans*, Raw cane sugar*, Cocoa butter*
*certified organic


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What an adventure
Karuna takes you on a flavor journey through the forests of Tanzania. This bar is vibrant and full of life. The flavors are intriguing and complex. Enjoy your trip!
by Ella