Mission Chocolate by Acelia Gallardo - Sao Paulo, BRAZIL

Acelia Gallardo, the founder of Mission Chocolate, is a truly international craft chocolate maker, but embraces the spirit of LOCAL Brazilian farm-to-bar chocolate production; Acelia makes her world-class chocolate bars almost exclusively with locally grown and processed ingredients; Brazilian-grown cacao beans and Brazilian-grown nuts and fruits. A Californian native with Mexican roots, Acelia spent a good part of her professional culinary life in Berkley, California, where she was exposed to the "buy/cook/eat local" philosophy of Alice Waters, and "bean-to-bar" philosophy SharffenBerger Chocolates - back when SharffenBerger was the first bean-to-bar chocolate maker in the US. Now, she dedicates her time to her passion business project: making award-winning bean-to-bar chocolate bars and confections and elevating the craft chocolate movement in Brazil, through her small chocolate factory located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Arcelia is also president of the Associação Bean to Bar Brasil.