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  • MISSION Chocolate 58-percent Dark Milk Bar with Cocoa Nibs


MISSION Chocolate 58 Percent Dark Milk Bar with Cocoa Nibs and Pink Salt

60 gram bar - Sao Paulo, Brazil

If you are looking for a milk chocolate bar that is not too sweet, this might be the prefect bar for you. Its a dark milk with a dusting of cocoa nibs inside -- giving you the creamy texture of the milk, but the extra bitter flavor of the nibs, and less sugar than a typical milk chocolate bar. Perfect balance.

Tasting notes from Earnie: This is a 58% dark milk chocolate.  Dark milks have become very popular within craft chocolate circles for the last few years. Most are very good, but this one is outstanding. It presents more as a dark chocolate than a milk. The milk is there, giving it an creaminess and melty mouth-feel.  Also gives it a touch of caramelly sweetness - and very mild but lovely cheese-like sourness. The caramely taste note adds an almost honey overtone near the end of the melt, and the caramel flavor is what you taste after you swallow the chocolate.

The nibs are tasty and add a nice textural crunch that is a great contrast to the creaminess of the chocolate bar. They are sprinkled trhroughout the bar very evenly, so you are sure to get some with every bit. There are other nib bars available with more nibs, but sometimes more is not better - these seem to stike the right balance.

ingredients: Cocoa, Organic Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Milk Powder, Pink Salt

Gluten free and soy free

Contains milk.  May contain traces of peanut, coconut, tree nut and wheat due to shared equipment