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  • Karuna Chocolate Organic Belize Dark 70-Percent Bar with Raspberries


Karuna Chocolate Organic Belize Dark 70% Bar with Raspberries

50 gram bar - Trentino - South Tyrol, Italy

International Chocolate Awards 2019: European Bronze Award
Academy of Chocolate Awards 2019 : Silver Award

It's hard to find a good dark bar with raspberries, this one from Karuna succeeds. The bright red raspberries are embedded within the 70% Belizian dark chocolate. The chocolate gives a nice earthy backdrop to the lively raspberries; the natural citrus notes meld nicely with the intense freeze-dried raspberry flavor and the raspberry seeds add a little crunch to the creamy texture of the chocolate.


Cocoa beans*, Raw cane sugar*, Cocoa butter* Freeze dried raspberries 1%*

*certified organic