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  • MISSION Chocolate Dulce De Leche with Flor de Sal Caramelized White Chocolate Bar


MISSION Dulce de Leche with Flor de Sal Caramelized White Chocolate Bar

60 gram bar - Sao Paulo, Brazil

Creamy caramelized white chocolate with flor de sal (sea salt)

A new international award-winning bar from Arcelia’s Brazilian dessert bar line, where she takes another classic Latin American dessert and transforms it into a delicious chocolate bar. By toasting the milk powder the caramel notes really come though, elevating the white chocolate and making it taste like the classic Dulce de Leche, the classic dessert originating from Argentina. (In Brazil it’s known as Doce de Leite.)

Ella’s tasting notes:  The melt is immediate releasing a smooth, cream caramel liquid. The flavors are reminiscent of rich butterscotch pudding. The sweet rich caramel notes are balanced by the addition of Brazilian sea salt known as flor de sal in Portuguese. Additionally, the salt intensifies all the flavorsThe finish is that of a sea salt caramel with whispers of molasses. This bar is worth tasting by letting it melt slowly and savoring the release of flavors, and by chewing it for an immediate short and intense fix.

Ingredients: cocoa butter, organic sugar, milk powder, sea salt.

May contain traces of peanuts, coconut, tree nuts, and wheat due to shared equipment

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Takes white chocolate to a whole new level!
Smooth, creamy, caramel-y, and balanced with the perfect amount of salt. This bar will forever change your mind about white chocolate.
by Ella