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Maneyrol Virgin Walnut Oil - 100% pure black walnut oil

200 ml - Périgord Region, France

French Walnut Oil!

This oil is very quiet. Reserved, subtle, and delicious, it’s an oil that will knock your socks off, in a very quiet way.

Inhale, and you get a wonderful aroma unlike any other. The complexity you get is the outer wafer thin “seed coat”, and then the inner kernel “flavor” which then returns to the seed coat. Wow! The whiff alone is spectacular!  

This oil to the tongue is only “oily” for a moment and then it disappears into a light vapor. The same is true when you take a swig, for a brief moment there is an “oil affect” but the effect is eye-popping walnut filled flavored joy!

The huile de noix imparts all the walnut flavor you want and lingers longer without the dry, crumbly leftover feel the nut itself does.

You will find yourself tasting and tasting, and moving your tongue around, as you squeeze every bit of nuance out of the oil that you can!

The difference between a good walnut oil and an amazing one is like night and day. Even when the oil itself is subtle, the flavor is mind-blowing!

That’s one of the reasons this pure black walnut oil is tops in class, winning Gold multiple times! Filled with polyunsaturated fatty acids in the form of omega-3s, this nut oil is good for memory and cardiovascular health.

Salad dressing of course, it can be added as a swirl to finish a carrot soup or as a natural preservative to a goat cheese treat.