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Maneyrol 100% Virgin Pure Walnut Oil 

200 ml - Périgord Region, France

French Virgin Walnut Oil!

This oil is very quiet. Reserved, subtle, and delicious, it's an oil that will knock your socks off in a very quiet way.

Inhale, and you get a wonderful aroma unlike any other. Wow! The whiff alone is spectacular!

On the tongue, this huile de noix is only "oily" for a moment before it disappears into a light vapor, imparting an intense, pure, eye-popping, walnut-filled clean flavor.

This pure virgin walnut oil is tops in class, winning Gold multiple times! Filled with polyunsaturated fatty acids in the form of omega-3s, like most nut oils, this is good for memory and cardiovascular health.

It's an oil for flavoring and for finishing a dish, but not for cooking. Use it in dressings for salads, from lentils or beans to any and all greens. Swirl it into soups and blend it into dips for a nutty edge. Or, simply drizzle some over a rare tuna steak or a bowl of fresh pasta with goat cheese and asparagus. Or, simply top a fresh plate of pasta!

How ever you try it, this oil is a wonder and a joy!