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Espelt Moscatel White Wine Vinegar for Sale
375 ml
- Spain

The warm, light-colored Espelt Moscatel white wine vinegar is first sweet, and as it moves to the back of the mouth, the throat gets a jolt of acid. If you “taste” with a little lip and tongue, there is a sweetness and a wonderful grape and peach flavor, and the acid is subtle and later. 

Its very light persona is not aggressive, with fruity notes, and will create a wonderful dressing. A dressing that would go well with summer bounty and delightfully well fall harvest too. There is woodiness that comes with Espelt Moscatel white wine vinegar that adds a round, perhaps cushy, finish to your palate.  

Espelt Moscatel white wine vinegar has a subtle approach which spreads out nicely, revealing all its nuances of flavors. What’s wonderful is that this vinegar is not mono-toned at all. It’s flavor profile is indeed white wine, yet, from a light, simple wine comes this quiet flavor-rich vinegar! 

What fun!

About Espelt

Three generations of grape and olive growers, Lluís and Quimeta were already renowned growers when they decided to build their own cellar in year 2000. Espelt is their family name, and their son, Damià Espelt, an agricultural engineer, grew the business and took on many of the decisions that now shape Espelt’s wine and vinegar businesses. Anna, Damià´s daughter, is now a biologist and winemaker, and had a clear calling for viticulture and winemaking.

Today, she´s in charge of Espelt, focusing on the native varieties and heritage of vine-growing in Empordá – and she is doing an award-winning job at that.

Located in Catalonia, north of Barcelona, near where the famous restaurant, El Bulli, used to be, the terrain dictates much of what they grow, how they grow it, and how their grapes and wines ultimately tastes.

The land, shaped like a large amphitheater, overlooks the Mediterranean and is sheltered by the Pyranee Mountains. This unique terrain impacts the seasonal weather, making snow in the winter rare, brings a mild spring, a shaded summer, and perfect fall harvest, most years.

The soil is made up of slate patched with granite.

The grape vines grow in both types of soil, which impact the flavor of the grapes and wine. The sandy soil that results from the breakdown of the slate is called saulo. Saulo-grown wines are fresh and elegant and easy drinking, where the slate-grown wines are riper, more tannic and more powerful in flavor.

Espelt focuses on growing grape varietals native to the Mediterranean and the Emporda region, including Grenache, Carinyena, Monastrell, Syrah, Macabeo and Muscatel. It’s the Granache and Muscatel grapes that starts as a sweet single-varietal white (Muscatel) and red (Granache) wine, that is then fermented into the signature Espelt sweet, agrodolce vinegars.

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