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  • Yamaki Jozo Organic Shoyu - Soy Sauce


Yamaki Jozo Organic Shoyu - Soy Sauce 

500 ml bottle - Saitama Prefecture, Japan

Yamaki Jozo Organic Shoyu
Traditionally Made - Founded in 1902

Soy sauce is like great wine or olive oil, with many, many complex flavor profiles. And not all soy sauce is created equally.

Yamaki Jozo Shoyu was founded in 1902 in Saitama Prefecture, about 2-1/2 hours by train from Ueno station in Tokyo. They have three main rules they live by: living and working in the natural environment; using only traceable ingredients grown in Japan; and using traditional manufacturing methods.

Yamaki Jozo is situated in the countryside, surrounded by mountains which provide an ample supply of clear mountain spring water for the production of their Shoyu.

The quality is exceptional, and it starts with ingredients they or their neighbors grow to make miso, tofu, pickles, and shoyu.

Yamaki Jozo has organic certifications from Japan, the EU, and the US and is Kosher-certified.

These are the many reasons why Yamaki Jozo organic shoyu soy sauce has become our new favorite for everyday all-around use.