Super Back-in-Stock & what's eating you


Barn Joo Nomad - Silky Tofu restaurant: Barn Joo Nomad - Silky Tofu

What food are you thinking about?
Home Cooking or Eating out?

I am mixed (confused) about what I want to do when it comes to food that I eat these days

Part of me wants to go out and eat, to try new stuff, support the wait staff and the Chefs we know and even those we don’t. See what is cool and trending, basically just get out there.

I would also like to eat comfort food at a diner, even go to International House of Pancakes. I wouldn’t really do that, though I would go to a Waffle House if one was nearby.

On the other hand, I really enjoy cooking and making things I have not made before trying new ingredients and in the hope of having success amongst all the failures.

For instance, I am trying to make a nut mix, somehow appropriate in the current political climate, that my friend made. It was addictively, hand-fully delicious to eat, and she claims is it easy to make. Sadly, I have had zero success so far. When I do I will include it in the newsletter.

All this confusion to satisfy my brain (and my stomach) reminds me of foods of my past (like the Waffle House) that I have great memories of from a long time ago, and of more recent - and equally fond - memories.

The back-in-stock just-in-time (like the cherries being picked) items in this week's letter conjure up memories of good meals, great taste, and success in the kitchen.

Like the soy sauce, or in this case, the correct vernacular, shoyu from Japan, has become an ingredient I reach for often and like to have more than one “version” available. I never shy away from using more than one soy sauce at a time to flavor the same dish as I have found they will each contribute in their own way.

Jaggery is a sugar shift, like the ever-so-popular Japanese brown sugar, that is healthier than the average processed white sugar we grew up with; it has a personality that is plain delicious. Even with its flair of character, jaggery can be substituted in almost all recipes that call for processed sugar.

Oatmeal really is a good superfood. Though I am not eating it every morning like I used to, I am definitely moving in that direction. There is a comfort in making and eating oatmeal that is hard to beat.

Creating new, exploring new, either eating in or out, there is something safe and comforting about food. And in the end, a big chunk of the memory of food is the company, the location, the timing. No matter if it is the pizza in Iowa or in New York, it is the best tasting right at the moment. And that is what matters!

One of the founding members of ChefShop had a rule: he considered that every meal he ate could be his last, so he had to make it good!