Eating Out and Yamaki Jozo Organic Shoyu


I miss eating out.
and a new feature

I have been enjoying testing recipes of course, it just doesn’t do good things for my waistline.

I think my goal is to eat out when I start to travel again and do less cooking on the road – even though cooking while traveling is one of my favorite things to do because the local stuff is so interesting.

And I’m going to work at eating out more when I’m at home, because when you eat out, it means the restaurant people get to eat too.

What food am I looking forward to? Diner food. Simple regional food. Salads. Food that is served hot. Really, just plain comfort food. That and Lobster Tater Tots – which are crazy good!

What are you cooking, eating, or craving these days? Let us know . .

We’ve added a new feature to the website. When you go to a product page, and there is a recipe that uses the ingredient, there will be a link to the recipe.

Keep in mind this is a work in progress. We’re working with some legacy links, and it will take some time to get everything right.