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  • Les Ruchers de Bourgogne Maritime Lavender Honey


Les Ruchers de Bourgogne Maritime Lavender Honey
500 grams (17.64 oz) - Lavender Honey from France

Ahh, the easy-to-find Lavender honey; it's everywhere. Just about every place you go, you can find a jar of Lavender Honey.

So why is French Lavender Honey so special?

Well, it starts with the habits of the bees. Much has been studied to understand how far bees will fly to get the desired pollen.

The answer is "far", for many miles if need be. Of course, if they can buzz right out of the hive to a plant rich in a “favorite” pollen they will do that. This is where the size of the field of lavender flowers comes into play. The more hectares of flowers, the more mono-floral the honey.

And, in France, there are places where the lavender fields stretch as far as your eyes can see.

In addition, the species of lavender, the terroir - and, I expect, the sun - has a great deal to do with why lavender honey from France is so unique and special, the best in the world.

And of all the lavender honeys, I love the Maritime Lavender from Les Ruchers de Bourgogne the most. It is so smooooth, with just a hint of crystallization, like mini grains of sugar.

In the mouth, it goes from a smooth breeze, like it is coming off the salty Mediterranean, to the coolness you might get from mint. And then a feeling of floral as it vaporizes away, with hint of a good burning feel in the way back of the throat. This Maritime Lavender is like candy.

You will be pleased! Not only does Lavender, the plant, have a history of being used for medicinal purposes, the honey might help you live forever.



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Have been waiting a long time for this honey. Definitely worth the wait. Absolutely delicious.
by Ann
So Fresh Tasting
So fresh tasting. And the aroma is fresh too. Les Ruchers De Bourgogne makes the best French honey.
by Dorrine