Time to Think about Cherries


Stepping back from world events and conflicts at home, these are interesting times. 100 years from now historians will be astonished (and maybe appalled) at how we navigated to survive - maybe even overcome - it all.

Though we have moved apart geographically (and often philosophically) modern technology allows us to have new kinds of interaction, conversations, and sharing. Separated by land, sea and now air (the very air we breathe), sharing YouTube clips, TikTok (not me!), etc. is a nice respite from discord and doomscrolling.

My brother-in-law is far enough away that we don’t see each other in person. We do, though, share random things we are watching, reading, or listening to. Recently – strangely – we were both watching collegiate volleyball. I’m a sports person-ish; he is not.

Because he’s a Mozart aficionado, he’s curated an exhaustive collection of Mozart recordings and some amazing jazz. If you’ve ever been in the shop, that’s his music playing.

Today he sent me two articles that are – at least to me – fantastic and about food – and who doesn’t love a good food story? Eat-to-livers, I suppose. But for the rest of us . . .

A science-based study introducing “Oreology”. It is about Oreo-splitting research. That's right, as in the cookie! How cool is that! You can see it by clicking here:

A piece about lowering your salt intake by using electric chopsticks. Really ... That story is here: Click

For us – while we love a good cat video as much as the next guy – food sharing is the best connector. We can compete to see who makes the best pie, but in the end, eating each other’s food is nothing but complimenting one another. The beauty of it all is that rarely is anything awful.

And when you’re eating anything short of awful, made by someone you know, all is good in the world.