Honey and Salami News


Directly linked in history, honey has played an important role in religion, and is a key food source for health and nutrition.  

Symbolically, honey has represented life itself. Where there has been oppression and conflict with honey there can be prosperity and sweetness.  

Honey is made of the supreme essence of life, bringing poets the gift of sweet speech. For Kama (Indian god of love) & Eros (Greek god of love) whose arrows of love are sweet (honey) and painful (stinger), the perfection of sweetness is used to send away the evil spirits and ensure a happy life. 

Eating a sweet apple with honey symbolizes the biblical garden of Eden and the hope that the “perfection of sweetness” will bring a sweet year.   

Honey has been used through time for health and well-being, and as a medicinal cure for hiccups, cough, thirst, phlegm, asthma, obesity, diabetes, and eye infections. And if you happen to get leprosy or worm infestations it is good for that too.  

More likely you might use honey as a salve for wounds. Julian of Tasmanian Leatherwood Honey told us that he often gets cuts and gashes when retrieving his hives from the steep slopes in the underbrush. And he says he just grabs some honey from the hives, slathers it on, and by the end of the day the wound has healed. 

Beyond medicine, honey has been a key ingredient in cement, varnishes, and wood finishes. 

In our little world, the world of really, really good food, we can't seem to get enough honey.