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  • Sakamoto Kurozu Artisan Amber Rice Vinegar


Sakamoto Kurozu Artisan Amber Brown Rice Vinegar

12 oz bottle - Kagoshima, Japan


200 years of tradition in a bottle.  Situated on the southern-most point of Japan's mainland, Sakamoto Kurozu Vinegar is made the old-fashioned way: using only carefully selected Japanese rice and pure spring water, and produced in open-air ceramic jars. Harnessing the power of solar energy and micro-organisms to facilitate the aging process, Sakamoto uses a time-honored technique and artisanry. Aged more than a year, the vinegar turns dark amber and the taste becomes smooth and mild.


Sakamoto Kurozu is a traditionally produced product and registered under the Geographical Indication protection system of Japan as "Kagoshima no Tsubozukuri Kurozu"