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  • Kishibori Shoyu - Soy Sauce


Japanese Kishibori Shoyu (Soy Sauce)

12 ounce bottle - Shomoshima, Japan
Artisan Soy Sauce from Japan

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Same traditional, family-run manufacturing and fermentation process and location as the shoyu featured in SALT FAT ACID HEAT on Netflix

There are, of course, many artisan soy sauce (shoyu) producers all across Japan. But the finest and most unique Japanese kishibori shoyus are produced by small- and medium-sized, family-run shoyu breweries that use traditional ingredients and labor-intensive production methods.

JAPANESE KISHIBORI SHOYU is manufactured by the Takesan Company. Takesan was established in the early 20th century by Yoshiji Takebe. It is located on the small island of Shodoshima in the Seto Inland Sea, one of only 14 artisan brewers like the Shodoshima Island-based family-run shoyu brewer featured in the Netflix series "SALT FAT ACID HEAT."

Shodoshima is located between the main Japanese island of Honshu and neighboring Shikoku and has a 400-year-old history of artisan shoyu production. Takesan is one of only 14 traditional shoyu member brewers of the Shodoshima Shoyu Association.

Shodoshima, which is a 60-square-mile island, is the second-largest of the more than 700 islands in Japan's Seto Inland Sea. Since the 14th century, the Seto Inland area has been known as a salt-producing region. As a result, many shoyu brewers began production there in the 17th century, using the island's high-quality salt.

Shodoshima is the fourth-largest shoyu production region in Japan, with over 30 factories on the island, but only 14 are established members of the Shodoshima Shoyu Association.

Takesan Company only uses the finest quality whole soybeans, wheat, and sea salt. The steamed soybeans, toasted wheat, salt, and mineral water are left to ferment in traditional and well-seasoned cedar barrels for one year. The barrels themselves have been in use in the production of artisan soy sauce for more than 100 years.

Because of the mild winters in the region (the temperature does not go below 50°F), the shoyu continues to ferment all year round. The end result is a delightfully complex shoyu teeming with organic acids and a wonderful flavor. Unlike mass-produced shoyu, KISHIBORI SHOYU soy sauce is not treated with additional alcohol or preservatives and does not have any additives or preservatives - it doesn't need it. The filtered shoyu is just pasteurized and bottled, leaving all its natural umami intact.

Health Benefits of Traditional Shoyu
Like miso, traditionally brewed shoyu is a fermented soy food, so it has many of the same nutritional properties. The natural fermentation process converts soy proteins, starches and fats into easily absorbed amino acids, simple sugars and fatty acids.

A recent study by the National University of Singapore reports that the dark soy sauce has antioxidant properties that are 10x more potent than red wine, and 150 times more effective than vitamin C.

It is the high concentration of brown pigment in shoyu that is thought to contribrute to its strong antioxidant and anticancer properties. Natural Shoyu is also said to aid in digestion and be rich in minerals.

Compare this real soy sauce to the commercially produced soy sauce: Made with hydrolyzed vegetable protein (HVP), produced by boiling bulk soy beans in hydrochloric acid, and then basting them in sodium hydroxide. The liquid is then colored with added caramel coloring and flavored with artificial flavoring. The whole process takes about 2 days.

Not only do commercially-produced, "fake" soy sauces not have the same health benefits as the traditionally fermented shoyu, but they may actually be bad for you. In 2001, the British Food Standards Agency warned that some low-quality soy sauces actually contained high levels of potentially cancer-causing chemicals. Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

Chef John Howie uses this Japanese Kishibori Shoyu soy sauce with his Sushi in Spicy Ahi Tuna. It's also good in a Korean Marinade, Flank Steak Marinade, and Sun Choke Pate 

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A Gem
This is the real soy sauce, rich tasting and aromatic. The saltiness does not overwhelm, the way commercial soy sauce does. When you try this product, it's hard to go back to all the artificial-tasting ones.
by Mary
very good
never going back to regular soy sauce. just delicious. rich.
by Nadia B.
I so enjoyed the series "Salt Fat Acid Heat", so when I saw that ChefShop carried this, I decided to try it. WOW! I was blown away by the taste and smell of what no-kidding real soyu. I used a small daub on my bean soup, a splash in my sauteed greens--it has such a bright umami taste--you can use this for any dish that you want to add a more complicated salty flavor. Really yummy!
by Alice
Outstanding Shoyu
The quality of this shoyu is exceptional and carries an outstanding flavor that enhances the flavors of vegetables and meat and is perfect with rice.
by Kevin Paulson
Kishibori Shoyu (Soy Sauce)
Wonderful quality and taste--like a fine vintage wine.
by Marcia
Worth every cent
This is by far the best soy sauce ever. Regular grocery store sauces taste like an entirely different product. Kishibori is rich, complex, and full of that elusive umami flavor. Highly recommend!
by Pamela
Prior to purchasing KISHIBORI SHOYU, for 50 plus years I purchased large quart plus plastic containers of soy sauce at the supermarket. What did I know, until October, 2021? I spotted KISHIBORI SHOYU at Chef Shop and decided to try a change of SHOYU. Now my husband and I know what we have been missing for years at our house! The taste of KISHIBORI SHOYU is superb! It is now our go to SHOYU.
by Marcia
The best!
Hands down the best soy sauce I have ever eaten. The flavor is fantastic. Mild and yet so complex with flavor. I find that I use less sauce because of the intense flavor profile.
by Mike
Crazy good
When you pay to have 12 oz of something shipped across the country to you, it has to be good. This is the best soy sauce I've ever tasted. Head and shoulders above anything else.
by Kate