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Japanese Gourmet Ingredient Gift Box


Gourmet Japanese ingredients beautifully arranged in a medium-sized wooden wine box. Perfect for the important client who loves to cook or that special foodie in your life. Also makes a perfect house-warming gift!

To place an order for multiple custom boxes, please call 206.286.9988.

Some things you need to know:
1. Our gift boxes are built to order.  One of each of the ingredients listed to the right (or below, if you are on your phone) will fit in the medium wine box shown in the photo.  If you would like to customize your box and make substitutions, please keep the number of items and size of items approximately the same. If there is an issue we will call you.

2. If you want all the items AND the box, you need to make sure to select "wooden wine box" to the right.  Otherwise we will assume you just want the ingredients -- not in a box.

3.  Gift Boxes are primarily designed to be picked up in our shop (1425 Elliott Ave West, SEATTLE, 98119). IF YOU ARE PLANNING TO PICK UP YOUR BOX, make sure you select "IN-STORE PICK-UP" on the shipping options page when you check out. We will assemble the box, more or less like you see it in the photo, for you.

4. If you want us to SHIP THE GIFT BOX TO YOU, we can do that.  HOWEVER, because of of the risk of breakage, we must ship you the items and the box un-assembled, along with the "foof" and ribbon, and you will have to assemble the final gourmet gift box yourself. You can use the photo as a guide.

Feel free to call us if you have any concerns or questions.