Hot Chocolate ChefShop Cocoa Powder


As we look out the window at the crazy weather that seems to come out of nowhere, falling moisture, frozen or not, can be depressing and disheartening. 

I’ve been thinking about hot chocolate since early fall, and it’s at this point in the winter that I look to having comfort foods. Almost all of my comfort food desires are hot, or at least warm, along with Haagen-Dazs coffee ice cream.

My quest to make a good drinking chocolate all started when I went winter climbing up to the top of Mount Washington in the White Mountains, a long, long time ago.

One freezing moonlit night, inside a tent, I put three packets of Swiss Miss into a cup of boiling water. The cup was filled with extra chocolatey goodness, but it was overwhelmed by sugar.

Since then, I have experimented with different mixes, recipes and ratios of chocolate to liquid.

A sip of really good hot chocolate starts with an opening of unexpected light floral notes that roll into a chocolatey envelope, as your mouth is filled with a wonderful fullness of chocolate. Rich, thick, sweet – a wealthy feel of pure dark chocolate encased in liquid.

We have, over the last fifteen years, perfected our cocoa powder-based hot chocolate recipe. We like cocoa powder as the base because it has the perfect flavor, is easy to store, and can adjust the quantity to your taste.  

ChefShop cocoa powder is super versatile! It works wonders in cookies, brownies and even in your morning oatmeal!