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  • Tiburtini Olio Novello - Organic
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Tiburtini Olio Novello

500 ml
- Italy

Extremely limited supply. Max 2 bottles per customer.

The last time we had this just-harvested and pressed olive oil, it was unbelievably good! 

To the nose, this year’s oil is a good whiff!!! It seems like forever since I have had a nose hair tingling smell like this one. The aroma is a memory evoking explosion that happens in the cells of my brain! 

The first whiff is so good, one feels compelled to smell and smell again; because the aroma (in the mind) dissipates once you taste it and because all the other parts of your taste sensors will soon be bathed in the freshness of freshly-pressed olives… 

The clear bottle shows you the oil in all its glory. It is like your oil is wearing clear clothes. The cloudy gorgeous greens are simply glamorous. Tiburtini always looks good! 

Suck in a tablespoon of this green olive oil, and the taste sensation is a wonderful light, cloudy feeling, slightly buttery, but more Italian olivey than French buttery. 

There is a slight bitter tone on the edge of your tongue, more like a taste of bitter, not the stab of a pitchfork like so many oils can sometimes do this time of year. 

And then there is the involuntary cough that emits from your throat as the burn starts small and slow and then builds to a giant ball, an angry cloud, filling the back of your throat. 

After you survive the bite and the cough(ing) there is this wonderful pleasant, rich, quite perfect, olive flavor, which by the way, is not always true with new oils. 

Tiburtini Olio Novello is wonderful. And this year it is pretty gosh darn special. The smooth cloudy mouthful is just right and you will not be disappointed with the back of the throat kick. 

The olive flavor is not bitter, more sweet, at least in a new oil way. This Novello oil is what you dream you want olive oil to be, just better.

Tiburtini Olio Novello is the only new oil we are expecting from the 2021 harvest. California does not have enough (olives) and Italy is too concerned with shipping to send the oil. 

Extremely limited supply. Max 2 bottles per customer.

2017 Tasting Notes
This year is the year that Tiburtini shines! It is buttery, very robust and round with a buttery finish. With a bitter edge that is common this year, though, when compared  to others it would be considered delicate. When the oil coats the lips, the sense of oil is very light. It dissipates nicely and vaporizes within the mouth cavity, the obligatory two coughs, and with a nice little swelling of heat rises in the back of the throat mellowing ever so slightly over time. Perhaps the softest and the nicest oil the year.

2016 Harvest Tasting Notes

When you first open the bottle the aroma, like perfume, arise from the bottle; a soft, gentle olive oil smell. It is light and airy to the nose.
In the spoon, to the eye, it is the greenest, murky, glorious color of a new oil. The cloudiness excites you, creating great anticipation to the vibrant flavors you're about to taste. 
The first mouthful is not what you expect. Your taste buds tell you, you can almost feel the cirrus clouds  of the floating crushed olives. The oil you taste is a buttery olive. Artichoke and asparagus are the hints that sit inside this flavor profile. 
As it rolls to the back of the mouth, that's exactly how it feels, like it's rolling smoothly to the back of the throat and then down. The first spoonful had no peppery kick, no tickle. The second one spoon and I was coughing, not in the hot, kind of peppery way, but just in the way of a good tickle. 
There is no racing with this oil, it's just calm as it floats like a cloud as it passes through your senses of your inner being. It is distinctly Tiburtini.
2015 Tasting Notes

2015 Fall Harvest Olio Novello!

Tiburtini's Olio Novello is wonderful and always a joy to behold.

The first swig of this oil imparts wonderful almond notes, with a fresh new oil green feel. This fresh, fruity, olive oil has flavorsof a mature oil.

Cloudy, as all new oils are when they are bottled so soon after pressing, this oil is very much alive with personality and punch.

It's a wonderful “all-flavor” oil with the hints of fruit, butter and nuts. And when tasting, there's a very slow and tiny tickle that comes with this oil. When swallowed quickly, you'll get the new oil cough.

When it's gone (from your mouth) it's gone, no residual finish; this oil exists in your mouth and when done your mouth feels alive. Just a hint of bitterness on the edges and towards the middle of your tongue.

Tiburtini has had a following from the moment we started carrying it a long time ago and it continues to have a dedicated following over ten years later.

Think fresh pasta, salt and a healthy dose of Olio Novello!

Limited supply - one per customer

2013 Tasting Notes:
Place your nose at the neck of the bottle and you will get a distinct smell of fresh olive. Like a distinctly hard olive, just ripe, and not a soft overripe one.

Tiburtini is always lighter in color, somewhat yellowish green.  Almost always it has a distinct color that we recognize as Novello.

To the tip of the tongue it feels very buttery and has a wonderful oil feel. When you take a tablespoon the oil dissipates into a vapor almost instantly leaving a fresh light feel with a just a hint of spice or burn at the back of the throat.

Like a tickle to tease it is a satisfying and wonderful Olio Novello.

2011 Tasting Notes:
A following of this oil is strong. We have had this oil for at least 8 years, and this years oil reminds us why. It says it's Italian right from the nose to the palette. Green, grassy notes, smooth and satisfying, this oil always rolls through your senses. Hand harvested in the trees, these olives are blended every year to what seems to be the best blend. Not stressed to be the same, Tiburtini seems to take what the year brings and makes it their own. Each year a bit different, yet you know it's theirs.

2010 Tasting Notes
This oil has a dedicated following. In a clear bottle so you can see the just pressed "freshness". Clean, smooth, fresh olive, we love the fact that this oil is so reliable!

about the producer
This oil named Tiburtini springs from trees growing on the ancient land of Villa Adriana - the Villa of the Roman Emperor Hadrian located in Tivoli built between 115 and 135 A.D. The Villa is located in the small but exceptional olive-growing region near Rome, in the region of Lazio. The trees are most likely descendants of the olive groves that grew there during the period of ancient Rome.

Tiburtini oil is from the first cold pressing of freshly hand picked olives - a combination of both green and ripe organically grown olives. The mill is located just below the hills of Tivoli, adjacent to the famous Roman travertine quarries.

The olive varieties that give this non-filtered oil its distinctive, delicate, and complex flavor include Brocanica (grown exclusively in Tivoli with possible origins in Egypt), Montanese, Oliva Dolce, Romana, Carboncella, and Rosciola - grown using organic methods. The flavor of this medium weight oil from Tivoli in Lazio never ceases to amaze me year after year.

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Too good to overheat
Definitely sippin' quality olive oil. I could cook with it, but that would be a waste of its subtle flavors.
by Jim Kennicott