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A Fishy Elixir - Anchovy Syrup

100 ml bottle - Italy

Colatura di Alici is the modern day descendant of an ancient and greatly prized Roman condiment called garum.

The method of making Colatura di Alici is the same now as it was then: slow curing Mediterranean anchovies with salt and extracting the liquid that drains from them. This part of the process takes 9-12 months to complete, a process that is as closely regulated as the DOC-controlled production of balsamic vinegar or champagne. The liquid is then aged in oak barrels for 3-4 years. It is then filtered and placed into jars.

The process sounds funky, but the result is amazing! Colatura di Alici has a delicious, delicate aroma and tantalizing flavor. Cetara, a small fishing village south of Naples, regards their Colatura di Alici as an heirloom food. It is an example of holding out against the modern age, and Slow Food Italy embraces it as an important regional specialty.

The IACA (whose Italian name translates as “Friends of the Anchovy”) is one of a few authorized producers of this heritage ingredient. It has only recently appeared in the United States, where Chefs have enthusiastically taken it to their kitchens.

How to use:

Like any good pantry staple, anchovy syrup adds flavor without a lot of fuss. Here as in Italy, it is most often enjoyed as a dressing for pasta or as an addition to soups and sauces.

It's magnificent with sauteed greens, a bit of garlic and a handful of chile flakes. It plays well with other primary ingredients by discreetly adding a briny, zesty flavor without the fishy wallop of anchovy paste or nuoc cham. Blend it with lemon juice, fresh herbs and garlic for a simple salsa verde, or add it to your caesar salad dressing.


anchovy, salt, water

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sweet elixer
Hard to imagine, this sounds less than appealing, but like a soft touch of anchovy in "drop" form, it's perfect for a nice salty hit to almost any dish. Like the anchovy flavor but not the flesh? Well this has the flavor and the taste without the remains! When we sample it in the store people are always shocked at how sweet it is. I don't really think it is "sweet" but it is better than you can imagine. No aftertaste to speak of. Try a sip and be surprised!