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  • Black Truffle Caviar


Tartuflanghe Black Truffle Caviar Pearls
50g jar (1.76 oz) - Italy

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makes Black Truffle Caviar

With the look and feel of caviar, but the distinct taste of black winter truffle, this "caviar" rocks! Not salty in the way traditional caviars can be, its delicate, smooth-feeling black bubbles are a great surprise as the truffle flavor peeks its head up and says "hello" to your taste buds.

Like penny candy, these little spheres float in your mouth like a topping on ice cream; a savory treat that puts a smile on your face like a memory from the candy store. The ultimate savory candy treat!!

Be brave and pair this black truffle caviar with almost anything. Use on a cracker, or a dollop in a white squash soup, or spread on cheese with a touch of honey. With fish and maple syrup? Mix the flavors and the textures - don't be shy!

black winter truffle juice (tuber melanosporum 98%, tuber brumale 2%) 50%, water, squid ink, thickener (E-401), sapidity enhancer (E-621)(MSG), salt, flavor, acidifier (E-330). It contains sulphites.

Black Truffle Caviar