• Feuilletine Flakes Hazelnut Creme Cookie Recipe

Feuilletine Flakes Hazelnut Creme Cookie Recipe


6 ounces of 64% chocolate discs melted (about 1 cup of discs) 
1 cup Hazelnut Spread, ideally from Andrea Slitti 
2 1/2 cups Feuilletine Flakes 

3 ounces of 64% chocolate discs or Gianduja (about 1/2 cup) 
3 ounces of 72% chocolate discs
1 cup heavy cream 
1/4 cup butter room temperature 
for a light dusting - a couple of pinches flake sea salt
1/4 cup caramelized cocoa nibs.


Feuilletine Flakes
A Chocolate Hazelnut Cookie Recipe
Eating Feuilletine Flakes by the handful is like the best cookie ever, but not quite. By adding luxurious hazelnut creme from Andrea Slitti and a bunch of fabulous chocolate you get a cookie that has just about everything you might want, since it is like a great candy bar!

A refrigerator, a 1/4 sheet pan, whisk, small pan, bowl, parchment paper,

#1: For the base use a 1/4 Sheet or a 9 x 13 glass pan lined with parchment paper.

#2: Combine the chocolate and the hazelnut creme and then fold in the Feuilletine Flakes attempting to minimize the crushing.

#3: Spread the combined mixture on the parchment paper in the pan. If necessary, to spread evenly, you can use a second piece of parchment on top if the chocolate is not too hot. Drop a few flakes of salt over the spread.

#4: Chill the pan in the reefer whilst you prepare the next ingredients.

#5: Heat the cream to a light simmer.

#6: Turn off the heat and add the chocolate. Whisk until the discs of chocolate are melted. Add the butter and whisk until the mixture is nice and smooth.

#7: Pour the mixture over the Feuilletine Flakes and level. Sprinkle evenly with Caramelized Cocoa Nibs and chill in the reefer for a couple of hours.

Cut into squares.