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  • Slitti Nocciolata Hazelnut Creme


Slitti Nocciolata Hazelnut Creme - Food & Wine Magazine

250 g  - Italy

Like Nutella, but sooooooo much better!

Beyond spoon-worthy, this favorite chocolate and hazelnut cream spread is so good, all you need is a spoon to consume it. If you have any left, you can also use it for a topping in luscious desserts.

In 1969 Luciano Slitti, opened Caffe Slitti, a coffee roasting shop, on a provincial highway outside the village of Monsummano Terme, with son Daniele taking care of the roasting. Monsummano Terme lies in the north of Tuscany between Lucca and Pistoia, not far from Florence. Their obvious mastery the art of buying, blending and roasting beans, developing quite a following for the roasting house.

Young Andrea, Luciano's second son, was often employed to deliver the coffee to regular customers throughout the area, mainly caffes, pasticcerias, and confectioners. Coffee and chocolate are great companions and it was during this time that Andrea came under the spell of chocolate making.

In 1986 the roasting house moved to a larger space and Andrea's father added a caffe. Extra space allowed Andrea to set up a workspace of his own, for chocolate.

Thanks to his passion for the careful selection and roasting of cocoa beans, and his completely homemade production methods, Andrea has gained a worldwide reputation for his chocolate. Andrea Slitti's chocolate making ability has accustomed professionals and chocolate fanciers alike to delicious and beautiful creations. His extra bitter bars are the ultimate chocolate-without-distractions experience.

He also creates chocolate pralines filled with classic and innovative creams using almonds, hazelnuts, coffee, tea and other flavorings. Rectangles, squares, balls, and cups of dark, milks, and white chocolate are the result, each creatively decorated with the likes of contrasting chocolate and even gold leaf.


ingredients: Hazelnuts (38%), sugar, olive oil, skimmed cocoa powder (10-12% cocoa butter), cocoa butter, milk powder, vanilla extract, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin, soya lecithin

Non-GMO, gluten-free, Contains Hazelnuts


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Taste-test winner for Food & Wine Magazine
Taste-Test Winners: Italian Imports .... the F&W staff tasted 76 imports. Here is one of our favorite jarred, boxed and bagged foods, plus a superfast ways to use it. Chocolate-Hazelnut Spread Finely chopped hazelnut bits blended into Slitti’s luscious Nocciolata chocolate spread give it a slight crunch ( Mix with whipped cream and crème fraîche for airy Gianduja Mousse.