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You can find all of our hand selected curated foods here. From Anchovies to our Italian Gourmet food pantry here. We love our honeys and you can select from over 60 different Raw honey from around the world. Click here to see all our food "aisles".


At we search the world to find the best of the best, from Baking Chocolate to Estate Grown first press Extra Virgin Olive Oils. We source hard-to-find foods created by small, family owned producers,
like this 100-year-old balsamic vinegar and picked-at-their-peak Rainier cherries. . We value provenance, purity, and process. And we taste test and eat everything we sell.

  Mademoiselle de Margaux Cherries Chocolate Covered Cherries bathed in Armagnac

They are nothing like what you have had before!

One of the most romantic chocolates on the planet. One cherry and you will close your eyes with happiness! Eat a whole box and you won't be able to drive! Not some sickly sweet cherry, this confection is like joy in one bite. Place the nonpareils (the little bumps of chocolate) on the tip of your tongue and draw your tongue into your mouth, pulling the whole cherry all the way in, close your lips and enjoy for a moment. Then bite down and experience the flow of the armagnac as it mixes perfectly with the cherry and chocolate. You might reach joy, happiness, pleasure, ecstasy, euphoria, Pure Bliss! All from a little chocolate. Eye closing greatness!

Shop Now - A wonderful treat all winter season!

  Wild Italian Fennel Pollen Wild Italian Fennel Pollen

Outstanding addition to Roast PorK Tenderloin

"I have taken a number of classes at ChefShop, and they have all been amazing -- and amazingly delicious! This Cuban class was no exception. I didn't know anything about Cuban food before taking this class -- but Erin was so knowledgeable and the recipes were so simple. Can't wait to try all of them at home!"
-- Chef Amos Miller from Michigan

Secret ingredient for outstanding chicken

"This makes the most tantalizing addition to a roast chicken. I rubbed the chicken with olive oil, gray salt and a clove of garlic, then sprinkled the fennel pollen all over liberally. Crisp, subtle and fragrant skin, really easy and different."
-- Jodi

Shop now for Wild Italian Fennel Pollen!

  Heritage Shortbread Holiday Willow's Fabulous Shortbread

Made from an Old Family Recipe!

I forget how great Willow’s Heritage Shortbread is until I take the first bite and it all rushes back to me.

A bite like a million tiny layers of cookie that crumbles delicately into a glorious feel. One cookie is so amazingly satisfying! Really, with just a tiny bit of self control you only need one. It is possible, of course, to eat two.

Shop now for Willow's Heritage Shortbread!

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  La Maison Darmorine Caramels Tenderes Gift Tin Veritables Caramels Tendre au beurre salé

French Caramels in a Wonderful Gift Tin

French Caramels are wonderful. These sea salt laced caramels are individually wrapped for a perfect treat. Soft, with a nice "chew", they use sugar to make, so no sticky-to-the-teeth corn syrup effect! Comes in a wonderful tin.

Click here for A Gift tin of French Caramels!

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  Ingredients from around the world Ingredients from around the world

We taste test, sample and use everything we carry. Have a question feel free to email or call and will do our best to answer your question. Looking for something in particular and can't find it here or anywhere? Ask us, we might be able to get it for you. We are always interested in finding new artisan food products that you want.

Shop now and check out everything!

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  Andrea Slitti Chocolate from Italy Andrea Slitti Chocolatier


Three fabulous "creams". Gianera, Nocciolata, Riccosa. Check them out here.

Shop now for Italian Chocolate from Andrea Slitti!

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  San Giacomo Balsamic Vinegar San Giacomo Balsamic Vinegar

It is all about taste

From Agro di Mosto (4-5 yrs) to San Giacomo (8-9 yrs) to Essenza (9 to 12) to Tadizionale (12 +) they all have a reason for being. Choose based on taste (and price) because they all are great. Some of the best in all the world!

Shop now for Balsamic Vinegar from San Giacomo

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  Mademoiselle de Margaux Chocolate Twigs Dark Chocolate Twigs from Mademoiselle de Margaux

Chocolate Twigs

These wonderful stir sticks (not really) are simple, plain, tasty, crunch filled orange twisted (and other flavors) and go beautifully on top of the cup of tea or coffee! Wonderful to have out for your guests to nibble at this time of year. And of course they are the perfect hostess gift to have in your bag for the unexpected invite. And of course if you need a pick me up in this stressful time of the year!

Shop now for Chocolate Twigs

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  Chef's Pantries Favorite things

Favorite ingredients of Chefs and a few other people too. See what they like!

Check out the Chef's Pantries!

  Kishibori Shoyu - Soy Sauce Kishibori Shoyu Soy Sauce

Aged one year
From the moment we tried this we knew we had a touch of heaven. Though only aged 1 year (there are many aged longer) it is the perfect balance of flavor, saltiness and price. When Shoyu (Japanese for Soy Sauce) is made in the traditional way time is essential.

We have been loving this Shoyu for ten years so it's exciting to see it featured in the Netflix series, SALT FAT ACID HEAT.

Shop Now for Kishibori Shoyu!

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  Recipe Aisle Category Recipes

Click and see our collection of's favorite recipes. Accumulated over a number of years, we would love to hear your feedback. Also, if you have favorite dishes you love and want to share them shoot us an email. We love to try new recipes.
Click here to see the recipes!

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  ChefShop Cocoa Powder ChefShop Cocoa Powder

The BEst

"I use ChefShop Cocoa Powder to make what my family calls my "famous" molten lava cakes. I'm told they are of restaurant quality. But I also use it to make my own personal hot cocoas. I often give it a Mexican twist with a dash of cinnamon and cayenne. Rich!"
-- Susie

Best Cocoa on the Planet

"I have been using this exclusively for years now. I have a 'secret' brownie recipe that I make with this cocoa, syrup made from the cocoa and only the best ingredients. Everyone goes ga-ga over them. Syrup - so easy to make - anything that calls for cocoa I use this. Sometimes I mix just a touch into my coffee from a treat. If you have not tried this yet you need to. You WILL NOT be disappointed!!!"
-- Ellie Mae

Shop now for cocoa powder with 24% cocoa butter!

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Shakshuka Shakshuka - morning, noon & night


"Tried this as lunch w/poached eggs. Terrific! Also had w/pasta. Very, very good. You must try this sauce."
-- John

The most wonderful easy, squeezey, quick-to-make dish is here.

  Chefshop Cooking Classes 2018 ChefShop's 2019 Cooking Classes

Give the gift of cooking! One of the nicest gifts to give to yourself when you give a cooking class gift certificate to the "Chef" in your life! (You pick or they can pick, either way you win)

2019 Cooking Classes are here!

Holiday 2nd Day Air Snow Mailbox Lincoln

"For the breadth and quality of its offerings, nothing equals In addition to well-chosen examples of an Italian kitchen's staples... there are excellent products from other parts of the world and, in season, fresh salmon from the Northwest, plus an item that has all but disappeared from neighborhood markets, genuinely tree-ripened, sugary fruits."
- Marcella & Victor Hazan