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Inaka Udon

16 OZ - Japan

Inaka Udon  Classic soft noodles


udon noodles in wokMaking your own udon noodle is as easy as making most noodles. Salt, water, flour, mixed, kneaded, rolled, cut. It’s great if you want a quiet moment for yourself, and nothing beats freshly cut noodles. 

On the other hand, when you want to savor the time you have to be blissful with your udon noodle soup instead, and not making oodles of noodles, then Inaka Udon is the right choice to make.

These Japanese noodles are chewy, soft, fat, and make for a wonderful carrier for something green and a little protein. 

A hot soup somehow can make a cold day seem just about right. Greens cooked quickly in a hot pot along with mushrooms and protein, like super thin uncooked chicken, BBQ pork. It's a delectable meal that takes all of about ten minutes, the time to cook Inaka udon.

Japanese Inaka udon noodles are eaten both hot and cold, kept simple or transformed when tossed with ingredients like soy sauce, sesame oils, or oyster sauce. And, whether you fry them or soup’em, the softer, plumped up udon noodle is fabulous.

About Udon:
Udon noodles are a staple food in northern Japan, and a wonderfully versatile food to have on hand for adding new flavor to your everyday meals. These wheat-based noodles differ from their Italian cousins with their slightly denser texture and wheatier taste.

Try udon noodles...
With a sauce of mirin, dashi and nori flakes. In hot winter soups, where their rich flavor enhances the broth. Steamed, tossed with fragrant sesame oil and scallions, and chilled.
Hot out of the pot with just a hint of flavoring is all they need to be the perfect snack.