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  • Sacred Sea Albacore Tuna
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Sacred Sea Albacore Tuna

6-oz can - Oregon

*Cooked in its own juices - No water or oil added*

Sacred Sea canned Albacore tuna has won double-blind taste tests by a private consortium of sashimi buyers from Japan three years in a row. "Feed Your Body, Mind & Spirit" says the label of this excellent tuna. That sums up why we love Sacred Sea and support canned tuna made with healthy, wild fish!

Read about this tuna in the Wall Street Journal.

We also love Sacred Sea's "Easy-Open" (EZO) pop-top can. Since there's no need for a can opener - just pop it open! - Sacred Sea is perfect to bring to work or on a picnic.

About the Producer

Rick Goche is the fisherman and owner of the Sacred Sea Albacore Tuna label. Rick's lifelong career in seafood began at age 13, when he was hired as a local expert by Oregon State University's Department of Fisheries. After seven years at OSU, Rick headed to Alaska to become a commercial salmon and tuna fisherman, and this was when he began to can seafood for personal use. The delicious tuna quickly became a popular staple among Rick's family and friends.

About Sacred Sea Tuna

Sacred Sea wild Albacore tuna is from coastal Oregon and is hook-and-line caught by surface troll method, the "cleanest," most sustainable fishing method. Catching one fish at a time instead of using nets or long lines that are used in conventional fishing operations enables them to treat each fish humanely and individually for the maximum quality and nutrition.

Each wild Albacore tuna fish is humanely dispatched the moment it is put aboard the boat. This eliminates the bruising and meat damage seen in conventionally handled albacore. The fish are immediately "vertically" bled which results in 30% more bleed-out. As soon as the fish are bled they are flash frozen by brine immersion, which is the fastest most efficient method of freezing.

In the conventional canning process, the fish are cooked whole in a pressure cooker. The majority of the oils, the source of the most desirable nutrition, are cooked out and left on the cooker floor. What is left is taken off of the bone and packed into a can, where it is fully cooked for a second time.

Sacred Sea, on the other hand, uses the fish are filleted raw and hand-packed into cans where they are then cooked - cooked once in its own nutritious liquid. Through their process, the nutritional value (and fresh taste) of the fish is still in the can… not on the floor!

According to studies by Oregon State University, West Coast wild Albacore tuna, on average, contains at least 60% less mercury than typical canned tuna. From June to October of each year we harvest these younger fish, which range in size between 10 and 30 pounds. Because they are young, mercury accumulation is not of concern.

 ingredients: tuna, salt