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I love these candy bars!
A bit addictive, it's easy to eat and no stick to your teeth feeling like other bars. I have tested three bars so far and I am happy. It's the way you want a candy bar to be!
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Zingerman's Zzang Bars - 2 bar - Michigan

On any given day …

On any given day, no that's not right. Once upon a time there was a man who made great sandwiches in a town full of wolverines.

Through evolution, a bar was born. Not just any bar. Power wields great things, though rarely does it share a great taste.

You've had a candy bar before, or tried them, on purpose, or out of hunger desperation. They may do their intended job of getting your caloric counter up, staving off some sugar crash and keeping you from going wild. Yet it rarely ever fills your taste buds with joy or makes you crave another.

Until now.

These candy bars are full of power, yet they have no additives and are gluten free of filler junk. They remind you of the candy bars you used to eat that had sugar and not high corn syrup. And by the way they really taste good. They feel good.

No matter which way you cut it there is a nut in every bite.

Zzang’s are perfect to keep on hand when you need a treat. And while filling a much needed pick-me-up, they satisfy a flavor profile that you have been missing.

So good we pack-em-up in a triptych.  One would be just plain cruel.

Ingredients: Dark chocolate, peanuts, corn syrup, honey, brown sugar, cream, cane sugar, butter, peanut butter, egg whites, salt, baking soda, sea salt