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Yuzu Citrus Salt
50g (1.76 oz)
- Japan

As the world shrinks and the squeezing of the continents brings us closer, cultures meld together, sometimes good and sometimes less so. But, what does this mean when it comes to food? What it means for us is that foods that have been hidden away in a village, a town, or a city can come to light.

It is in Yuzu salt that we find a wonderful twist on a citrus that has been gaining mainstream popularity. Though you might know it mainly as a liquid, this citrus is in a salt. The color of Japanese citrus salt is simple, light, pure yellow, and, like the green tea salt, it's so finely ground it looks like powder. Smell it and you find your nostrils filled with a citrus of unknown identity. The taste on the tongue is less defined, more of a mystery, and the saltiest of the bunch. It leaves a wonderful feel of salt in the middle of your tongue.

serving suggestion:
If you know Yuzu, you might recognize the sharp, not so sweet character coming through, with its underlying citrus dancing around on your buds. It may just be the best little treat for the edge of your glass. Yuzu juice drinks with a Yuzu-salted edge! Yahoo!! It goes well with citrus needing dishes like white fish...

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I ordered this for general enjoyment, but have discovered it's delicious on buttered popcorn!
by Chelsea