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  • Yuasa Shiro Shibori Shoyu (Light Soy Sauce)



Yuasa Shiro Shibori Shoyu (Light Soy Sauce)
6.66 oz bottle
- Yuasa, Japan

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Shiro Shibori Wheat Shoyu
In the city of Yuasa,

… over seven centuries ago, Japanese Soy Sauce was born, and is where Shiro Shibori, a soy sauce that is 80% wheat and 20% soy beans is fermented to life.

Artisan soy sauce is typically whole soy beans, wheat and sea salt combined with mineral water stored in barrels to ferment at least a year. Tamari is a wheat free soy sauce, and then there is Shiro Shibori.

This shoyu is a golden light color, where brewing time takes a short three months. Unlike so many “light” soy sauces though, it has relatively mild saltiness, filled with a rich flavor that embodies umami. This shoyu has a such a wonderful taste that it is palatable right out of a spoon. I have tasted lots of soy sauce, and most are not pleasant alone and not something I recommend! (It’s a mind numbing salt fest)

To the nose, the notes are very much the same, with the darker shoyu being deeper and the shiro soy sauce being lighter. It is this lightness that Chefs look for. Where both color and potency are more mellow creating and refining the finished dish.

Please note, this shiro soy sauce is made in limited quantities and we have a small shipment on hand. This item is typically a week to 14 days lead time from order.

mineral water, wheat, soybean, salt