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  • Wasabi Company Yuzu Mustard


Wasabi Company Yuzu Mustard

175 gram jar - UK

YUZU Mustard
from the Wasabi Company!

It smells like mustard. Nose-tingling mustard. This is mustard with a kick, not explosive but not mellow yellow either. And there is a sweetness hidden in all its bluster.

The Yuzu citrus is there, but you have to close your eyes to see it. It’s there in the beginning, it’s there in the end, and in the middle is mustard.

Now does it jump out and yell mustard? Not at all! The Yuzu lends it a gentleness, while still being mustard.

Try the Yuzu Mustard with Yuzu Mayo and you’ll get a delightful condiment pair that is perfect for sandwiches and deviled eggs. These two go ham in ham!

ingredients: white wine vinegar, water, mustard (23%) (mustrd pwder, mustard bran), sugar, salt, turmeric, yuzu oil (cold pressed citrus junos) (.2%)