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  • Wasabi Company Yuzu Mayonnaise


Wasabi Company Yuzu Mayonnaise

175 gram jar - UK



Mayonnaise has a long history (a simple mixture of eggs and olive oil enjoyed by the ancient Egyptians) or a short one, dating back to the 18th century. A traditional sauce of egg and cream evolved and the cream became oil. The emulsification transformation made mayo one of the most popular condiments in the world.

Mayonnaise, claimed to be invented by both France and Spain, became popular in the 1800’s. This excitement over eggs and oil moved across the ocean and became something of a craze. Soon everything had mayonnaise . . . Delmonico’s in Manhattan (due to re-open this fall) offered both lobster and chicken mayonnaise.

Mayo spread to the masses with the invention of the commercial bread slicer, and sandwiches began to fill lunchboxes. Mayonnaise in those days was homemade.

These days great pre-made mayo is easy to find and if you find one you like keep it around. A flavor profile that you like is worth its weight in fold when it comes to mayonnaise.

On the other hand, it’s great to have more than one mayonnaise in your pantry, as different flavor profiles will likely fit your taste buds depending on the day and the dish.

Yuzu Mayonnaise is one of those specialty mayonnaises that is worth having. Whether you’re making deviled eggs, an egg salad sandwich or a Waldorf salad, using a mayonnaise with a twist can take a favorite dish to new places.

Take a big whiff of this mayo and you’ll immediately smell the Yuzu. To the eye, the color is just as you’d expect from a traditional mayonnaise. The consistency is the same too, and the Yuzu citrus flavor is subtle, almost hidden, yet very present.

This Yuzu mayo is certainly worth trying, especially if you’re looking to update some classic recipes.

ingredients: rapeseed oil, pasturized free range egg yolk (11%), white wine vinegar, salt, sugar, oriental mustard powder, yuzu oil (cold pressed cirus junos - .1%)