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Wasabi Company Wasabi Mayonnaise

175 gram jar - UK

Wasabi Mayonnaise
One taste and you instantly think of England!

Think of Fish & Chips and dipping.

Or Corned Beef. Or Brisket. Or Roast Beef.

Spicy, nose-twisting Wasabi? Not at all. This is like jazzed up mayo with a personality you would like to meet on the first warm unexpected day of spring as the sun is setting. It is that good!

Enjoy this mayo like no other. Deviled eggs, potato salad - transport the norm to a new form!

This Wasabi Mayonnaise is the combination of very good traditional egg mayo and wonderful fresh wasabi flavor.

The taste, the flavor of true Wasabi is hard to describe. Fresh is one of the best descriptors, even though fresh is not a flavor description. Green? Not in the way green is normally used to describe a flavor. Hot? Sort of, though not hot like a Blacklick Hot Sauce. Spicy? Sort of, though not in a spicy way. Refreshing? Yes, definitely!

Add this, this Wasabi flavor, to mayonnaise and you get this truly wonderful experience. This ingredient, this condiment, creates great joy - all wrapped up in a jar you can spoon from! One taste and you may just find a new best friend for all your favorite sandwiches! And for fish and chips too…

ingredients: rapeseed oil, pasturized free range egg yolks (10%), fresh wasabi (5%), white wine vinegar, fresh horseradish, oriental mustard powder, salt, sugar