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  • Villa Jerada Chermoula


Villa Jerada Moroccan Chermoula


Though there is not a lick of meat in here, the instant memories evoked are every great smoked, grilled or BBQ protein you have ever had! What a masterpiece of delicious flavor!

And as your flavor mind comes up with a zillion ideas of what to do, your confidence soars and you feel perfectly in control of your next masterpiece!

To the nose, Moroccan chermoula reminds me of an olive tapenade with a twitch of tomato and a myriad of spices including cumin.

And to the mouth, wow, this Moroccan chermoula sauce is not what you expect. The spices mix together, and to your palate the cumin and the paprika stand up. On the outside of the inner walls of your mouth is the garlic. With a smoothness of a delicious sauce there is the preserved lemon that is just right, providing a little chew. Complexity revolves in your mouth, but the finish is complete & simple!

Think tomato as the carrier or support, then the olive oil washes through with the olive flavor bringing with it the cumin & paprika. And topping it all, like any good herb, parsley and cilantro open up and bring the garden. The preserved lemon is identifiable, yet not overpowering at all! What a mix! As the flavor finishes, you feel like you are eating all of Morocco in one spoonful! This red chermoula sauce is easy to use and spoon-ready!

Chermoula (cher moo lah)

What is Chermoula? So many things, it is, and it's uses vary from a marinade, to a sauce, to a dip. And from the many unlimited uses it evokes, it has exponentially more recipe variations!

Chermoula is a marinade, sauce or dip that originated from North Africa, particularly Morocco. It is usually made with a blend of herbs (such as cilantro and parsley), spices (like cumin and paprika), garlic, lemon juice, and olive oil.

Every cook, chef, home, and region has its own version in North Africa.

With Moroccan roots, it is full of a flavorful fun, not spicy and not offensive at all! One taste and it will remind you of some dish you’ve had before. Chermoula evokes the best from your fish dish, pimp up you Pil-Pil shrimp recipe, or simply join hands with your favorite tunafish sandwich! Add it to your favorite vegetable tangine or dip your cold veggies! It is so easy to use!



Ingredients: Sun dried tomatoes (contain sulfites), organic extra virgin olive oil, organic cumin, organic paprika, persley, cilantro, garlic, preserved lemon (contains potassium sorbate & citric acid), water, salt