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  • Villa Jerada Shawarma Spice Blend


Villa Jerada Shawarma Spice Blend

50 Gram Jar - Seattle, WA

Shawarma is old. So old no one really knows when and where it started. Variations abound today, perhaps spread around by the Turkish-Ottoman empire. 

The combination of lamb and veal are cooked using a spit grilling technique, and sliced off as needed.

Villa Jerada has created the "ambience" of the dish Shawarma thru a collection of spices. Use on grilled meats, chickpeas, or mix in with yogurt. We tested it with oil and popped popcorn. It was divine!

ingredients: Paprika, onion powder, nutmeg, cumin, bay leaf, cardamom, garlic powder, ginger, coriander, cayenne, cinnamon, allspice, cloves, turmuric, sumac, black and white pepper

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