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A little softer and fruity
I prefer the mellow flavor profile of this oil to the very peppery notes in Italian olive oils. It still has a mild bite and the end... but it’s more of a nibble. It melds nicely with my Mediterranean dishes and is my first choice of oil for finishing sauces or making dressings. I would just like this bottle to be bigger!! Still, a great oil at a good value.
by Chef Lesa
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Desert Miracle Organic Olive Oil (2020 harvest)

500 ml - Morocco 

Desert Miracle
Moroccan Olive Oil

Wonderful lightness, filling the mouth with the feel of the Arbequina olive, Desert Miracle from Atlas Olive Oils is a sweet oil, with a light, almost hidden burn, in the back of the throat. Its Spanish character is present with a bit of fruitiness. Desert Miracle is a certified organic olive oil.

From the pressing of the best Arbequina and Dahbia olives we get this golden olive oil verging to green, with a well-balanced taste, and complex profile. Harvested at the end of September-beginning of October, just when the olives are changing colors from green to black, and are still rosy.

The fruitiness of ripe olives is clearly identifiable in the nose and mouth with a great diversity of secondary aromas, above all apple and banana. Desert Miracle Olive Oil also has hints of tomato, fennel and artichoke.

On the palette it reminds of almonds; its sweetness stands out a little, as well as its astringency which does not interfere with its profile.

The result is a very well balanced and harmonious organic olive oil with a clear touch characteristic sweetness.

The Atlas chain of mountains, about 1,500 miles long, stretches across Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia, separating the Atlantic and Mediterranean from the Sahara desert.

Desert Miracle Olive Oil, one of the Aqallas premium extra-virgin olive oils, evokes the very trying conditions under which their desert olive trees grow - in the Sahara Desert itself.

Desert Miracle is produced on the El-Borouj Olive Estate. Of the three Aqallas estates, this is at the lowest elevation of 320 m, and also the most arid. The Aqallas are quick to adopt technologies and best practices from all over the world.

Israeli drip irrigation systems are used to parcel out the water, Atlas Mountains snowmelt, contained in artisan wells. They have built Morocco’s first covered water basin, covered so as to avoid evaporation from the sun, using German pumping technologies.

In the interest of water retention, they have imported tons of volcanic rock from Latin America to mix into their earth. Spanish consultants helped with the design of the high density groves.

The olive cultivars used are the Spanish Arbequina (97%) and the Moroccan Dahbia (3%). Atlas produces 330,000 liters of what they call their “ultra premium extra virgin olive oil.” Desert Miracle is a Gold Medal Winner for the medium Arbequina category at the Los Angeles International Olive Oil Competition.

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