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  • Veggie-Stock Gold - Classic Vegetable Stock


More Than Gourmet - 16 oz - Classic Vegetable Stock - Veggie-Stock Gold

This classic vegetable stock has been reduced to a glace, making it a wonderful addition to soups and sauces, rices and grain dishes. A clear stock with no added starches or fat, Veggie-Stock Gold's blend of select fresh vegetables is a natural way to enhance the color and flavor of your current stocks or entrées.

Makes approximately 2 2/3 gallons of vegetable stock.

This product is gluten-free which means is that there are no fillers added to bulk it up or thicken it. 

Ingredients: White wine (contains naturally occurring sulfites), carrot stock, onion stock, celery stock, lemon juice (water, lemon juice concentrate), tomato paste, water, salt, carrageenan, roasted garlic powder, onion powder, spices.

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