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Truffle Caviar

Maui Ribs

Copper River Salmon

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Recipes of the Week

Honey Vinegar
Pickled Raisins
Basil Olive
Arborio Rice

Anchovy Syrup Amazing!
It's magnificent with sauteed greens, a bit of garlic and a handful of chile flakes. Blend it with lemon juice, fresh herbs and garlic for a simple salsa verde, or add it to your caesar salad dressing.
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Sacred Sea

shop now for truffle caviar Truffle Caviar - deal of the year!
An incredible deal on a Caviar that is truffles. Delicate elegance wrapped up with a punch! We love it!

With this deal it just might be the perfect time to try or re-stock your supply of Truffle Caviar.

We've just been offered a great price, and we are passing it on to you. The reason for the deal? The jars have a "pull date" of July 2011. But we're not concerned. We pulled out our jar that we opened back in October, and it still tastes great! Click here to read about "expiration dates" and why it's not as clear as it appears.

How good a deal is it? Normally $0.59 a gram, this 1.76 ounce jar is $0.459 a gram, a 22 percent savings.

What is the real savings? This outrageous deal is in a new, larger jar of 12 ounces, or 340 grams. It's on sale at $0.13 cents per gram! That’s a whopping four and half times cheaper for a quantity 6.8 times larger! If we don't sell it all, I am buying it for myself!

This is limited to stock on hand and there are no backorders for this offer. When we sell out of what's here, we are out ... and the price, almost for sure, will go up when it comes back in stock.

Shop now for the deal!

shop now for Azeka Recipe Maui Ribs Perfect Maui Ribs for the Fourth
Pre-prepare for the Fourth of July.

There are many foods worth having on the Fourth. Our traditions have evolved over the years. Since we moved to the Northwest, so many years ago, the key addition to the hot dogs and hamburgers BBQ has been Wild Alaskan Salmon and the award-winning Maui Ribs from A & J Meats.

Both are the featured attraction to the big family party.

It's that time of year. We pull out the grill and start cleaning it up so it looks good for the big day. After a winter of use, the grill looks a little sloppy and needs a good washing. Once that's done, it's time to cook something on it to get the "grill flavor" back. The perfect "flavorer" for the grill is Maui Ribs. We cook up a few pounds, share some with the warehouse family, and freeze the rest for another day.

Freezing the ribs is a perfect way to be prepared for that impromptu flavor for the summer table. What you don't eat right now, you can freeze for later. No real thawing necessary to prepare or cook. Just remove from the freezer, a little while sitting at room temperature, and they are ready to separate and grill or oven-bake.

Order early; first shipment will go out next week. We will ship once a week until the third week of June, or until we run out - whichever comes first. These Maui Ribs are made-to-order.

Be ready! Order and freeze your ribs. Read more about why the cut makes these short ribs so special.

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Wild Alaskan Copper River Salmon

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Never frozen Copper River Salmon
The run has started! So far the news is that there is an abundance of Sockeye running in the Copper River this year. Last week was the first week of the run, and usually the highest prices of the year. But the price should fall as the weeks go on. King Salmon will follow soon - although we are not sure when yet. Both are great and, even if you like one more than the other, both are worth having!

The key to our program is the "hands on" care we take with each and every fish order.

Every fish has been handled with the utmost of care, from catch to immediate cleaning on the boat. Why is cleaning important? Because when a fish is caught and not immediately cleaned, the flesh starts to absorb everything, and that "discolors" the vibrant salmon taste. And remember, great salmon shouldn't smell fishy. (No fresh fish should!)

When Eliza calls Pete, the Fish Monger, in the morning to confirm your order, he lets her know if the fish that has arrived that morning is excellent or not. More than once he has let Eliza know that it's not up to his standards, and advised us to wait for the next shipment. So, although we schedule as best we can, sometimes we just don't have a fish to ship to you that meets our standards and, ultimately, yours.

Lastly, and most importantly, is that your fish has never been frozen, or previously frozen. Kept on ice, the fish doesn't freeze, and that's perhaps the one thing that makes our fish, whether eaten in Alaska, the Northwest, or in your kitchen, so amazing and like no other! Because of that, you can buy larger amounts, and portion and freeze your own fish.

Today, we are announcing our personal shopper program. As most of you know, we actually answer the phone when you call during the day. We try to answer emails as fast as we can as well. With spam and virus filters these days, things do get lost from time to time ... and we apologize for that. So, when it comes to fish, Eliza personally handle all orders and is available to you, via email and or phone, if you have any questions.

The pricing, often referred to as market price, can fluctuate from week to week, or even day to day. Currently, with our existing fish customers, Eliza updates the pricing up to the time of shipping. Although we never charge more than what you ordered, we often charge less - if we can.

Shop now for Wild Copper River Salmon!

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Hot Sauce
Mossy Bayou
A small family owned company located in Louisiana's Cajun Country.  It all got started in 1994 when a Cajun friend shared a recipe for a hot sauce that had been in his family.  Mossy Bayou made a few minor changes and started making it at home for personal use and to share with friends.

They decided to call it "Swamp Scum" because of the unusual color that is caused by the "goodies" in it.

Friends encouraged them to "share". With limited distribution in the Bayou, Mossy Bayou then sent it to Chile Pepper Magazine for their national competition ... and were totally blown away when it took first place out of several hundred in the competition. Later that year in the fall they attended the Firey Foods Show in Texas ... and the sauce took 2nd place in a "blind" consumer's choice competition!

Now that's hot! The real deal! Perfect for the hot lover in your life!
Swamp Scum Shop Now for swamp scum


Shipping soon - Mangalitsa Smoked Bacon
We've been smoking and smoking and eating and eating. This bacon is looking really really really good! So far the reviews have been great! From "Love this bacon" to "Luuuv this bacon!" We smoke the end of this week! Check out Master Butcher Rick smoking the belly here at this link.

What's Cooking!
We have some of the finest artisan-made foods on the planet. The history these ingredients bring with them can be over a million years old, or as new as yesterday. Whether they are a new concept or a recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation, how to use them can be simple and obvious - or not.

Ever wonder what to do with an ingredient? That's what these classes are about. Don't be fooled, it's not just dessert or pasta, it's the real beans. We take the mundane and the plain, and turn it into the insane! Well, maybe not that far, but we do take some great ingredients and show you how to use them in moderation to get the most flavorful dishes and create the most memorable meals.

Tell your friends that we are giving away 8.8 pounds of Agostoni Italian Chocolate to one winner! The more the merrier!

This Weeks Recipes

Sockeye Salmon with Garlic and Preserved Lemon Salsa

Asparagus with Blood Oranges

Almond Pound Cake

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