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Meyer Lemon Olive Oil

Kamut grains Pasta

Pesto alla Genovese

organic pasta organic kamut
chiocciole pasta

linguine pasta linguine kamut
organic pasta

penne pasta kamut penne
organic pasta

yuzu kosho green with envy
yuzu kosho

medjool dates the king
of dates!

almond paste almond paste
Spoon Ready almond paste. Though I know that most buy this to make amazing desserts with almond paste, and like the stollen we sell, this almond paste is the core to a joyous bite, I still prefer to scoop a hearty spoonful and eat it straight up!

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meyer lemon olive oil Meyer Lemon Olive Oil
The oil that will change your life!
Click to read the just tasted (at 11:46PM 2/5/13) tasting notes for 2013 Meyer Lemon Olive oil.

This oil will change your life. Well, at least it will put a smile on your face. The absolute total flavor is fabulous! Like the Olio Nuovo this oil's arrival is highly anticipated. With short supply the last two years, Albert assures me there will be good supply this month. It's so good!

The health benefits of olive oil are known everywhere. What you might not know is that Theodosia Throckmorton, Ancient Egyptian Expert, has been claiming that lemons, eating and drinking, are an effective protector from a variety of spells and poisons. Like Theodosia’s home made amulets, the combining of olive oil and Meyer Lemons passes on twice the potency of godness and protection for your inner-self.

Of course there are no facts to base this on, but, this Meyer Lemon Olive oil will surely make you feel that there is.

"Just pressed" takes on a new meaning when it comes to the Meyer Lemon Olive Oil from Albert and Kim Katz! We met this oil about this time many, many years ago. It was, indeed, love at first bottle!

Not all citrus oils are created equal. A good oil, like Katz Meyer Lemon, is a “fresh” oil; the freshly picked olives are matched with the just picked Meyer Lemons, and then all are crushed together at the same time. The oil is infused with the sweetness of the lemons, and the lemons are infused with oil. A symbiotic relationship that just doesn’t happen at a mixer. Order this oil, it is not only versatile, it is special!

Click to read the just tasted (at 11:46PM 2/5/13) tasting notes for 2013 Meyer Lemon Olive oil.
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monogram felicetti kamut grain pasta Hidden within the shape
is the taste of Khorasan Wheat Pasta

Known commercially as Kamut, this wheat from ancient times has its own distinct flavor. It's hard to explain, and it's hard to describe the taste and it's hard to imagine that a three ingredient pasta can taste different. It's not like a farro pasta with it's earthy tones, or squid ink with it's deep tones, no, it's something else, that makes this pasta taste good!

Perhaps because it's different, perhaps because it's closer to the beginning of time, or, because the nutritional properties shine through, this pasta is worth trying!

Many foods do best when tested in their "environment", on rice, in a soup, etc. Even some pastas do best when tasted and served with sauces. In some cases, a food like the Kamut Pasta, shines with or without anything. Bare naked, these taste good, add a little salt and olive oil and you have a complete meal!

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pesto alla genovese

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Pesto alla Genovese
Basilico Genovese

The nucleus of modern day pesto started in North Africa and India, when basil became the main ingredient. Basil pesto took hold in Provence (as pistou) and in Liguria (as Pesto alla Genovese). In the 1860's, a recipe for pesto with basil is published in La Cuciniera Genovese. Then the recipe travels with the immigrants to the New World.

The Italian style pesto was introduced to a much wider U.S. audience when Italian immigrant and University of Washington Professor Angelo Pellegrini's pesto recipe is published in a 1946 issue of Sunset Magazine. The recipe consisted of a little bit of this and a little bit of that, with no precise measurement.

Today, using what is considered the best for Pesto, basil from Genoa, "Basilico Genovese" is protected by the European Union with the Denominazione di Origine Protetta or the DOP designation. Pesto alla Genovese is an excellent representation of the quality the company still produces today, more than 60 years after its inception.

Using a machine of rotating knives and a mixing machine of "antique" origin allows for a delicate, handmade result in a commercial environment; allowing the basil to maintain its character all the way to you. Topped up with Ligurian olive oil (made from ripe Taggiasca olives) to create a natural preservative and cover for the pesto.

This is definitely an Essential Pantry item! Add to a bowl of kamut linguine pasta, and you have an authentic Lingurian delish dish!

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  drinking chocolate
Les Confitures
This remarkable hot chocolate has been served in top French hotels including, Le Bristol Paris, and others that go unnamed. Only the finest cocoa beans have been selected to produce this traditional powdered chocolate.


Fruitcake is not just for gifting. Especially when it is this good! I found about a 1/4 pounds worth tucked away in the baking drawer, and was into it immediately. During the "season" we eat a lot of cakes of all kinds, and, get a little burned out. So a month later it was a treat! Paired with a cup-of-tea, it makes one whistle away the day!

fruitcake buy me

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Nocciolata is back in stock. Pesto is back, Kamut Pasta, and the highly anticipated Katz oil line is expected this week! Come down and be the first to try them all!

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