The best foods to have on hand for everyone!


This year has been a roller coaster ride. 

Dramatic world events, and events close to home - including natural and man-made disasters - can make you wonder if dieting is worth it.

And as we try to adjust to the new normal of upsetting news, food traditions are more comforting than ever.

This is the time of year when we look forward to making mashed potatoes, hams, fancy desserts, jello and pies, all sorts of pies! These are the traditional favorites we share with friends and family, and now is when the cookie people start their cooking-baking binge.

While many of us binge-watch The Great British Baking Show, the cookie people start making all the cookies they made last year, and try a few more. You can only hope you know one of these cookie monsters and they they’re sending you a box of love filled with cookies! 

This is also the time to plop yourself down in your favorite wingback, and put your feet up to be warmed by the fire in the hearth, while hot chocolate simmers in a giant cast iron kettle (with an extra-long ladle so you don’t have to get up) and a side table next to you is filled with a paper-thin slice of Trappist Abbey Monks fruitcake; a plate with chunks of Flamigni Panforte and Pistachio Torrone; squares of Winnie’s Heritage Shortbread; a bowl of Mother Sperry’s Plum Pudding; a slice of Mary Pat’s apple pie; and a whole Panettone on your lap.

The holidays will bring us comfort through food. We feast on the good memories and avoid the bad ones. And this year is a great year to hunker down and indulge in your favorite food gifts – for you or for others - near (or far) and dear. 

In this issue of our newsletter, you’ll find a wonderful selection of (mostly) holiday foods: delicious specialties we get only at this time of year – which is good! – because if we had them year-round, I’d be even rounder than I already am, and that would not be good.

At the same time, I really feel that we should be enjoying the pleasures of the mouth this year, given that it has been covered a lot more than it has ever been before.


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The best foods to have on hand for everyone!