The Hostess Gift


For adults in my generation, hostess gifts are not the norm. My mom, from a different generation, believed in hostess gifts and always brought something when she visited friends and family. And she loved it when her guests did the same.

I’m all for bringing back the hostess gift. They’re a wonderful way to bring civility back to our lives, and a small gesture that often means a great deal.

Today, when invited to dinner, a bottle of wine is the go-to gift for your friends. For a family gathering, you might bring Dim Sum or ice cream to share. 

However, these days, many people are not drinking wine like they used to, or at least not drinking in abundance. Many of my friends stopped drinking altogether because they realized alcohol was a coping mechanism, a self-medication tool, and we know that’s probably not a good choice.

And then there are the calories! You could, I guess, stop eating and keep drinking. But I prefer crazy good food!

That’s why discovering the perfect hostess gift – an alternative to wine – is an excellent practice!

Knowing your host’s personal preferences might come into play. How much do they like to cook? Are they sweet, sour or savory? Subtle or explosive? Hot or mild? All important questions if you want to be spot on.

And there are endless delicious and intriguing choices out there!