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  • Tasmanian Orange Honey


Tasmanian Orange Honey
400 gram jar - Tasmania

Orange Honey from Tasmania
When you take a wonderful meadow honey that is comprised of clover, blackberry, thistle and many endemic species of wildflower from the land of Tasmania and then add (10%) orange bits and flavor, you get a spoonful worth savoring and devouring all at once!

Though honey is often "too sweet" to consume with a spoon and some are destined for a cup of tea, this orange honey blend is, at-first-bite, truly spoon-worthy! The meadow honey is first to flavor your taste buds, followed by a gentle wave that laps the taste of orange that seems to be a secret vapor filling your mouth.

Because it is a creamy honey, you want to smoothly squeeze it around and find the few bits of orange that are floating about. Over and over and over!

Orange honey is ideal to use in marinades, adding subtle citrus overtones. Or just smear it on your morning toast.

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Ingredients: Honey, Citrus Peel (10%) [Citrus Peel, Sugar, potassium Sorbate, Suphur Dioxide], Orange Oil candied orange peel and orange oil perfectly blended with the finest quality Tasmanian meadow (all flower) honey.