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  • Tasmanian Leatherwood Honey Drops



Tasmanian Leatherwood Honey Drops

100 grams (roughly 20 to 25 drops) - Tasmania

If you like honey, then this is for you.
If you like Tasmanian honey, then this is definitely for you.
If your throat itches, then this is for you.
If it’s cold outside, then this is for you.
If it’s the winter where you are, then this is for you.

Baby, it’s cold outside!

This is a lozenge wrapped up in a honey of a shell. A sweet candy made from the sugar of one of the finest treats on the planet. Hard, like a classic Lilliputian, it starts with a stubbly feel on the tongue and then transforms almost immediately to a glassy smooth finish.

The distinct honey taste starts slowly, revealing itself as you roll the candy around in your mouth. It is pleasantly refreshing - not some aggressive menthol taste attacking your senses. Nor is it some super sweet thing that you bite into with the hope that it will get better.

These honey drops are, in fact, nicely placed between good for you and a treat. The honey, if you are not familiar, is revered by many around the world. It has a distinct taste that can only come from latitude 47. And, even the biggest honey doubter will enjoy these simple, pop-in-your-mouth, make-you-feel-good candies!

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Ingredients: Sugar, glucose (wheat), Leatherwood Honey


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Tasmanian Leatherwood Honey Drops
These drops are wonderfully smooth. I love that that pure honey flavor; no lemon, no menthol yet soothing to the throat.
by Laurel